"My vision is to be a worldwide Champion of Change."

~Ann-Marie Flinn, Founder, Champion Foundational Change Agency

“Working with Ann-Marie to find my inner champion and expose my inner critic has been a profound journey built on new perspectives and the powerful act of consistently showing up in my own life.  The transformation I am experiencing is possible because Ann-Marie continues to show up to hold the torch while I unearth my own inner champion.  Her wisdom, approach and presence as a coach provide powerful tools and insights along the journey”

Josh E.


“Thank you for your knowledge and passion for sharing your Champion Yourself to Wellness program! The sessions you’ve done at REDspace have been very informative!”

Executive at REDspace

“Thank you for your time, effort and courage in sharing your personal experiences to be our speaker for the Empower Hour event on the 3 R’s of resilience. Your genuine presence and emotion helped to engage your audience through the presentation and hear your messages. Thank you so much for everything you’ve done.”

Procter and Gamble – Women’s Network, Power of You Award

National award of recognition voted by peers

“Thank you so very much for moderating the Procter and Gamble North American New Hire College! Because of your leadership, enthusiasm, and insights on the business, we delivered the highest score ever—a score that places this program high in the top 25% of training for ALL companies, globally. It is you who make the content come to life and have the most direct interaction with our participants. You totally knocked it out of the park.”

Procter and Gamble North American New Hire College

I am pleased to offer this endorsement of Ann-Marie Flinn’s talents and passion for workplace wellness coaching and consulting through her participation in our Workplace Wellness Ambassador Certification Programs.  In working with her through our program, it became quite apparent that she makes it her mission to fully understand and respond to employer/employee needs through results-oriented wellness solutions. She was also a strong contributor to our Level 2 campaign project as a Project Co-Leader. Throughout this virtual campaign project involving the leadership of participants from 5 countries, she demonstrated incredible team-building, project management, and workplace wellness knowledge and skills that helped produce an employee-centric campaign for our Ambassador Campaign Database. I would highly recommend her for any workplace wellness coaching or consulting opportunity that she felt qualified to deliver on.

Lisa Kelly, President/Director, Workplace Wellness Ambassador Programs,

Workplace Wellness Centre of Excellence

“We were pleased to have Ann-Marie as one of our presenters for our Navigating Covid-19 Webinar Series. Ann-Marie presented on “Shifting Problems to Outcomes” and spoke about the 3 Vital Questions that shifts and transforms relationships, the two mindsets, and how to lead yourself and others through change. Ann-Marie shared her insights with the audience and told her personal story of how she overcame obstacles in her own life that really tied the presentation together. Ann-Marie is a powerful story-teller and captivated our audience that day. I would highly recommend Ann-Marie for your next speaking engagement or team building workshop”

Kayla Lynch, Event Coordinator, Halifax Chamber of Commerce

“I wanted to reach out and send a huge THANK YOU for being part of Salon Resource Group’s Summit 2019. The weekend was so magical for our people, thank you for “going beyond” our expectations and wowing our guests.”

Salon Resource Group

“THANK YOU, Ann Marie, for making this huge investment and CONGRATS on your rating as a best in class moderator! You rocked it.”

Procter and Gamble North American Capability team leader

“Ann Marie was very aware of pushing us with balanced, helpful feedback. She also was very good at sharing her own experience in the field so that we could learn from her experiences. She also was very effective at allowing group members to lead the discussion and, in some cases, teach the material using their experience.”

P&G Workshop Participant

“Ann Marie gave very honest, balanced feedback. She was always focused on getting us to realize the things that we did well but also point out the key areas for improvement. The open setting allowed us as participants to feel free to make mistakes and take risks and that really maximized the learning experience.”

P&G Workshop Participant

“Ann Marie was very knowledgeable and her energy and “pushback” absolutely prepared me for going back into the field. She gave applicable feedback and easy next steps for improvement.”

P&G Workshop Participant

“That was a great webinar! I needed it”

Cosmetology Association of Nova Scotia

“My experience with Champion Foundational Change Agency as a client couldn’t be any more positive. I can’t say enough GOOD things about the individual coaching.”

Theresa W.

“I believe your top 3 qualities are
1) your ability to make people feel comfortable and vulnerable without judgement
2) your arsenal of expertise and experience in many arenas that give you the ability to help in so many different situations, you really personalize your services this way
3) your warm, gentle, yet direct method of communication.”

Jennifer M.


“Thank you for your authenticity, the knowledge you shared, and the emotions you transferred. Thank you for all the fun, your insights, and just for who you are!  It was exactly what I needed at this stage in my life: the tools to bring back my true self, a safe and supportive environment, and a wonderful woman leader who inspires me to re-discover myself and show up in life.

Women's Summit Participant

“You awakened a sleeping force that is and has been me all along!”

Workshop Participant

“Ann-Marie delivered an amazing keynote to our networking group. We gave her some tough constraints. A short time frame, must be inspiring and delivered online through Zoom. She nailed it. Not only did we get an uplifting message that resonated to all attendees, she brought us along on her journey in a wonderfully inclusive manner. I would not hesitate to recommend her for any keynote or workshop.”

Queenpins Organization

“Thank you so much for being a special guest on the 40 Cups of Virtual Coffee. We enjoyed your presentation and found the content very informative! Again, thank you for the generosity of your time and expertise.”

Blue Door Group

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