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“The greatest gift we can give our relationships is to be vulnerable. That means talking about fear with courage vs shame.  Being able to talk about our fears is a key step to being open and authentically connected.  It’s also the pivot point to shifting mindset to one of feeling you have tobe fearless to one of fearing less.

Sharing fear and vulnerability is a direct invitation to the other person to share their fears.   Whether it’s a parent and child, a teacher and student or executive and employees, when you talk about your fear you’re creating an opportunity to take your relationship and leadership to a place where real engagement, connection, safety, learning and well-being occurs.”

Ann-Marie Flinn

Ann-Marie Flinn’s keynotes are not only inspirational and motivational but they also cover important key messages that empower the audience to find their true authentic champion.

Keynotes so rich you could write a book about her personal journey. Leaving the audience with important lessons on embracing fear and failure.

“If there is ever a time to talk about resilience and overcoming adversity, now is the time.”

Here’s what people are saying:

“It was such a pleasure meeting you today. Your presentation was beyond incredible and inspired me personally. I have great appreciation for your organization’s mission and vision. Thanks so much for delivering an unbelievable presentation!” – Spark Conference Canada

“Your genuine presence and emotion helped to engage your audience through the presentation and hear your messages. Thank you so much for everything you’ve done.” – Procter and Gamble

“Ann-Marie is a powerful story-teller and captivated our audience. I would highly recommend Ann-Marie for your next speaking engagement or team building workshop” – Halifax Chamber of Commerce

“The weekend was so magical for our people, thank you for going beyond our expectations and wowing our guests.” – Salon Resource Group

“We enjoyed your presentation and found the content very informative!” – Blue Door Group

“I would not hesitate to recommend her for any keynote or workshop.” – Queenpins Organization

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