"My vision is to be a worldwide Champion of Change."

~Ann-Marie Flinn, Founder, Champion Foundational Change Agency

Ann-Marie Flinn is the President and Founder of Champion Foundational Change Agency.

For over 30 years, Ann-Marie has been an authority on creating optimum performance, greater productivity and higher prosperity by implementing a Champion mindset.

Ann-Marie Flinn

“My vision is to be a worldwide Champion of Change. 

To touch the lives of thousands of people, by bringing out the Champion inside and to facilitate belief and inspiration through a Champion mindset. I believe in the power of the mind. 

To Champion my clients to bring their full self to where they work, live and play.

We create a solid Foundation focused on physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

We facilitate Change from the inside to build confidence and nourish authenticity.

 Our clients build Agency to master their life purpose and live their best self. 


“My love for being an athlete has shaped who I am both physically and mentally.”

As an international athlete, I know it’s not just what you feed the body and how many times you hit the gym that makes you a Champion. It’s what you feed the mind and the soul that creates an authentic Champion. 

Seeing failure as feedback, outcome thinking vs problem thinking, and leading with intention vs feeling victimized by adversity, is what develops sustainable performance, drive and long-term results.”

In the Press:

A graduate in Management from Dalhousie University, her credentials include:

  • 29 years corporate experience in sales, training, facilitating and coaching with Procter and Gamble
  • 2022 Business Leader of the Year Finalist 
  • 2023 RBC Woman of Influence nominee
  • Certified Workplace Wellness Master Ambassador
  • Executive Performance and Wellness Coach and Consultant
  • Global member of the International Coaches Federation
  • Co-Active Leadership Coach
  • Certified 3 Vital Questions model Trainer and Facilitator
  • Certified International Sports Science Association Expert
  • Certified Nutritional Coach – Precision Nutrition
  • Certified Focus on Healthy Eating Facilitator
  • Certified Corporate Athlete™ Facilitator
  • Certified Military SCUBA diver
  • International professional physique athlete ranking 3rd in the world

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