Go Beyond in 2023!
Where Leadership meets Wellness

MARCH 8TH – 10TH, 2023
Digby Pines Resort

What is the Champion Women’s Summit?

  • An opportunity for women to gather, to connect, to learn 
  • To explore how to Go Beyond what’s possible in your leadership abilities
  • Expand leadership capacity through creative and mind expanding practices.
  • From unique and thought-provoking workshops to experiential practices, this Summit will be like no other.
  • Rediscover your true authentic leadership, mindset and skillsets to thrive in today’s ever changing world.


The Champion Summit Vision

Our vision is to champion the lives of women by empowering them to lead with authenticity, expand their creative capacity for breakthrough innovation, while teaching proven techniques to help prioritize physical, mental and emotional wellbeing from within.

Go Beyond What’s Possible

  • Being a passionate supporter of Women, you have an opportunity to sponsor your team to join this event.
  • Touch the life of a deserving woman by Championing her to take part in this transformational event.
  • Champion women to Go Beyond and to thrive as an authentic leader where they work, live and play.

Leadership topics include:

  • Shift from “drama” to a Champion Mindset
  • Understand the Inner Critic – how does our internal script hold us back in our leadership and life
  • Rediscover your Inner Champion to BE an authentic leader
  • Build capacity, productivity and innovation through creativity
  • How to clear Assumptions for greater communication and collaboration
  • Overcoming unhealthy perfectionism
  • How to “show up” as a Champion authentic leader
  • Stress reduction methods for Intentional Disengagement

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Go Beyond in Leadership Development

The Champion Women’s Leadership Summit offers a wealth of benefits for you and your company. 

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Meet Summit Creator Ann-Marie Flinn

  • Champion Change Agency President and Founder
  • 2022 Business Leader of the Year finalist
  • Over 30 years experience facilitating breakthrough programs
  • A sought after speaker, facilitator and mindset Coach
  • Ann-Marie will lead workshops focusing on leadership, mindset and important skillsets to Go Beyond as an authentic leader
  • Together with internationally acclaimed experts in the field of wellness, this transformational event has been uniquely curated by women, for women.