Breaking Barriers in 2025!
Reclaiming YOUR Champion starts from within

MARCH 4 – 6, 2025
LOCATION: The Westin Nova Scotian

Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

Are you:

  • Noticing an internal dialogue that holds you back from excelling in your career or life?
  • Feeling paralyzed to move forward with your goals due to perfectionism and the need to have it “all right!”?
  • Showing up in a way that is not consistent with your true self?
  • Struggling with the word “failure”?

 I hear you.  I’ve been there myself 

As business owners, entrepreneurs, and leaders in organizations, you may unknowingly be holding back from showing up with your full authenticity, creativity and innovativeness in your new or existing venture.

You may have a nagging inner critic that is telling you that you’re not good enough no matter how much you achieve.

Perfectionism and the expectation of getting it “all right” is causing undue pressure on your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing

I’ve heard so many of my clients say the following:

  • “I want to do ‘this’ but I’m scared I won’t do it right.”
  • “I want this new job but I don’t think I know enough.” or “I am not qualified enough.”
  • “I see all these others who are successful and I don’t feel like I am.”
  • “Look at their achievements. Why can’t I be like her/him/them!?”
  • “What’s wrong with me??”
  • “I give up…”

If any of these resonate with you, just know that you’re not alone. 

This International Women’s Week, it’s time for real change!

It’s time to reclaim the Champion in YOU!

The Champion Women’s Summit will help you reclaim a Champion Mindset so you can show up

with full authenticity to thrive in business and in life. 

Cut through the noise that keeps you from leading as your true authentic self.

  • Feel empowered to make firm and confident decisons as a leader and individual
  • Show up BEFORE you show up where you work, live and play
  • Embrace fear as an important part of the process to thriving
  • See your perfect imperfections as gifts.  Create from them!
  • Gain courage to move forward NOW with achieving your goals and aspirations
  • Be free to BE your true authentic self! 

Who is this Summit for? 

Women who are ready to:

  • Break through self limiting beliefs,
  • Step outside their comfort zone
  • Champion their personal/professional goals of leading as their true authentic selves.
  • Nurture a growth mindset
  • Overcome unhealthy perfectionism
  • Reframe limiting self-talk
  • Business owners and leaders (from non-profits to large corp’s) who are ready to take their authentic leadership to the next level with confidence!
  • People who identify as femle, BIPOC and new Canadians



  • The Summit was a great time!  Insightful and full of learning opportunities
  • Ann-Marie you have profoundly affected the way I view myself and the possibilities I see in myself
  • Thank you for helping me find my spark!
  • Ann-Marie is amazing in her knowledge, her authenticity and energy
  • This was one of the best experiences I’ve had in my adult life
  • It was exactly what I needed to persevere in not only my career but all areas of my life
  • Thank you for creating a safe space
  • Thank you for your authenticity, the knowledge you shared, and the emotions you transferred
  • Loved being with other like-minded women
  • This Summit is inspirational and empowering
  • This Summit moved me in ways I would not have expected
  • I will cherish this experience always!  Thank you for showing us you!
  • You are a true inspiration


Champion topics include:

  • Overcome unhealthy perfectionism
  • Understand the Inner Critic – how does our internal script hold us back in our leadership and life
  • Reframe your inner dialogue for greater empowerment
  • Rediscover your Inner Champion to BE an authentic leader
  • Create a game plan for moving forward like a Champion 
  • And so much more!

Need help with convincing your boss?

Use my sample letter

  The time is NOW to design the life you were meant to lead. 

It’s time Champion YOURSELF!

What the Champion Summit IS:

A professional and personal development event specifically designed with YOU in mind.  Three days of rich, unique and impactful content built to bring real change.  If you’re willing to do the work, you will experience change!   

A roadmap to future success. 3 days of impactful workshops that will bring clarity around YOUR authenticity and a plan for moving forward.

An immersive experience where YOU dig deep into the “why’s” behind what is holding you back from leading as your true authentic self.

A community of like-minded women:  who are ready to make REAL change from within.  A unique opportunity to create life long connections and accountibility partners to see you through long term and sustainable development.  

What the Champion Summit is NOT:

This is NOT a retreat.  If you’re looking to hit the spa during our time together, this is not the event for you. The Champion Summit is meant to provide you with impactful tools to equip you to make the changes you know you’ve been looking for both personally and professionally.  

This is NOT a conference where you listen to different keynotes and choose different workshops .  The Champion Summit is unique in that it’s curated to develop change in a sequential manner.  Starting with discovering your Inner Critic, overcoming unhealthy perfectionism, reframing internal dialogue to rediscovering your Inner Champion, you will learn how to empower the Champion from within.  When you leave the Summit, you will have tools that are transferable within all aspects of your career and life. 

This is NOT a “time off” event .  AND, it will be fun! This is an immersive experience where your time will be spent digging into real, transformational change.  If you’re willing to do the work AND have a fun, you will experience many “ah-ha” moments that can significantly change the way you think, act and show up where you work, live and play.

This is NOT an event you will want to miss .  During International Women’s Week, there are plenty of different events you can attend.  What makes the Champion Summit different is that, you WILL experience a shift in yourself that will last over the long term, not just during the IWD week.  Investing your time will bring a change in yourself that you’ve been wanting.  

Meet Summit Creator Ann-Marie Flinn

  • Champion Change Agency President and Founder
  • 2022 Business Leader of the Year finalist
  • Over 30 years experience facilitating breakthrough programs with a fortune 100 company
  • A sought after Professional speaker, facilitator and Mindset Coach
  • Ann-Marie will lead workshops focusing on leadership, mindset and important skillsets to Go Beyond as an authentic leader
  • A proud member of the Halifax Chamber of Commerce, Discover Halifax and a board member at Doctor’s Nova Scotia’s Healthy Tomorrow Foundation