Program Evaluation

Thank you for taking the Perfect Imperfection program, your opinion matters to me!


You did it!  You completed the Perfect Imperfection program!


That’s a big deal.

Despite all of life’s ups and downs. Despite maybe having all kinds of reasons to quit or give up.

I know you’re busy especially during these unprecedented times. And sometimes it’s hard to think about the deeper issues that have brought you here.

Congratulations on sticking to it.

I hope this program gave you a better sense that much of this process of change is about your mindset: what goes on internally with your self-talk and inner beliefs

It’s also about your life: how you’re showing up.

By now you may have realized that there is no magic pill or secret to trying to live a good life and keep moving toward what matters to you.

So, keep working on that mental game of self acceptance and Perfect Imperfection.

Focus on being just a tiny bit better, every day.

Your opinion is important to me. 

I would love to know your thoughts on the program.  Please take 2 minutes to complete this very quick Survey.

1. Which part of the program did you find the most helpful (you can choose more than one):

2. In terms of your mindset and, and overall outlook… what’s better now than when you first started the Perfect Imperfection program?

3. Thinking about your daily routines and your life, what are some of the ways you will apply your learnings from the Perfect Imperfection program?

4. What is one thing that you’d like to see more of in future program?

5. One a scale of 1 to 5 (1 being Very Dissatisfied to 5 being Very Satisfied) how would you rate the Perfect Imperfection program?

Additional Comments/Testimonial

If you have any additional comments to add or if you'd like to leave a testimonial, I would love to hear your feedback!