Embrace your inner Champion through a Change Champ Coach

What if you could dig deeper inside and bring out your inner Champion?

Would you do it?

With a Change Champ Coach and determination, you can do anything!

A Change Champ Coach will notice your blind spots.  If you think you’re at 100% we help you find that extra 1% to take you further to where you aspire to be.

We hold you accountable to not just be great but to be greater than your expectations.

Change Champ Coaching helps you identify your inner champion and create a Champion life in your own unique and authentic way.

Become someone no one thought you could be, even yourself.

Be the Champion that you KNOW you are meant to be.

“Thank you so much, you had such an amazing impact on my mindset today, I can’t thank you enough”
~ Real Estate Broker,  Change Champ Client

“Coaching with Ann-Marie has been an incredibly uplifting experience. Her natural ease with communication and recognizing when to bottom line really helped me to get to the root-cause of issues needing to be addressed and discussed.  I’m grateful to have crossed paths with you and would highly recommend any individual or organization seeking a health and wellness coach services that is ready to embrace change to reach out. Thank you Ann-Marie for all that you do!”

~ Senior Wellness Leader – Ontario Health Network, Change Champ Client

“I had the pleasure of working with Ann-Marie through 2020-2021 based on a referral from another client. It was insightful, eye opening and empowering in all aspects of my business – professionally and personally! Can not recommend her enough!! You will not be disappointed! Are you not worth it? Oh yes you are!! We never put ourselves first as we’re so busy taking care of everyone else around us. Let this year be the year about YOU! Thank you Ann-Marie!”

~ Business Owner, Change Champ Client

“The biggest change I experienced was in my mindset. The transformation was incredible. She challenged me to look at obstacles differently, that failure is feedback and that I have control over my mind rather than my mind having control over me. She was able to bring out the champion in me by creating a safe place of no judgement; a place to explore and dig deep. This is where change takes place. Her deep health coaching is hand’s down the best around. She is a catalyst of change. Her public speaking events are authentic, empowering and heartfelt. I recommend anyone wanting to bring out their champion and be their best version to contact Ann-Marie. It worked for me.”

~ Health Care Practitioner, Change Champ Client

“Absolutely a top notch professional coach with compassion above and beyond any expectations. Highly recommended !”

~ Health Care Practitioner and Consultant, Change Champ Client

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