Go Beyond in 2024!
Where Leadership meets Wellness

MARCH 5th to 7TH, 2024
The Westin Nova Scotian, Halifax Nova Scotia

Champion Yourself!
Here is what you get to look forward to

(note – agenda enhancements will occur as we get closer to the event):

Tuesday March 5th


Noon – Enjoy early check in at The Westin (spots are limited)

    1pm – Day 1 begins

     Get to know the Perfectionist Mindset

    • Do you often feel that you’re not quite “good enough”?
    • Stress, fear and anxiety can show up due to the worry of the unattainable high standards of a perfectionist mindset
    • Start the summit with noticing and naming – without judgement – when the perfectionist mindset shows up in you
    • Learn how Perfect Imperfection can lead to authentic leadership

      Discover the Inner Critic

    • Gain freedom from the self-defeating behaviors and limiting beliefs that inhibit you from leading at your full potential
    • Create a biography of the Inner Critic
    • Empower yourself to notice when the Inner Critic shows up in your life 

    5pm – Day 1 ends 


    Wednesday March 6th


    Today you will begin the learning journey that will change the way you think!

    8:45am – Day 2 begins 

    Drama in the workplace and beyond

    • Today, we will be talking a lot about drama. When we do, we are not referring to the dramas we see on television or in the movies. We are talking about the type of drama we experience in our daily lives – where we work, live and play.
    • Everyone experiences drama – it is part of the human experience. If you can learn to see when you are engaged in daily drama, you can then pause, and ask yourself 3 Vital Questions™
    • Once you learn how to recognize the elements of drama, you will be well on your way to transforming your relationships at work and beyond.

    By the end of today:

    • You will understand and be able to put into practice these 3 Vital Questions:
      • Where are you putting your focus? On problems? Or on Outcomes?
      • How are you relating? In drama? Or with a Champion Mindset?
      • What actions are you taking?
    • These questions will change the way you relate to others and yourself, and enhance your capacity for Championing your leadership capacity.
    • While we will be talking mainly about these ideas as they show up in our workplaces, I KNOW you will find the concepts, tools and experiences as being just as relevant to your personal life.

    5pm – Day 2 ends   

     March 7th

    8:45am – Day 3 begins

    Reframe the conversation, with self and others

    • One of the most impactful topics you’ll receive during this Summit.
    • At the core of authentic Champion leadership is to lead through interrelationship with others: being attuned to others in such a way that you are able to create from each other.
    • Yes and…
    • Blend and lead…
    • Learn how to shift the conversation and lead others (and self) with a move forward approach vs. staying stuck in the “story”
    • The gift of acknowledgement
    • Assumption clearing – Assumption Sumption, what’s your function??
      • Become more adept at recognizing the assumptions you hold, and how that plays out in your leadership and communications with others
      • Learn how to clear an assumption with another

    Rediscover your Inner Champion/Go Beyond with a Champion Mindset

    • Rediscover your true authenticity.
    • Lead from authenticity, to create and innovate
    • Gain confidence to Champion Yourself in an imperfect world

    5pm – Summit close