Increase engagement, trust and resilience in your workplace

In times of crisis, and incredible change trauma, of all kinds can negatively affect workplace performance and engagement.

Mental health is the silent pandemic that is happening right now. With lockdowns, quarantine, physical distancing, and ongoing uncertainty—stress, anxiety, and trauma is at its peak for many.

Think racism, financial insecurity, a global pandemic and work-life integration to name a few triggers that can bring stress, anxiety and an overall inability to cope.

It’s no wonder many of us are having a hard time managing our level of engagement and mental, physical and emotional health at work, home and life in general.

This program aims to provide insights and tools that you, as an employer or HR practitioner can use to appropriately support employees who are struggling with trauma and sustained stress.

Learn to become a trauma-aware employer:

  • Understand what trauma is and how it’s different from stress
  • Learn how a traumatic event affects the ability to cope
  • Identify Trauma-inducing stressors that can come from many different areas of our lives
  • Learn how trauma affects the brain and overall health
  • Become aware of “The Drama Dynamic” and how to shift out to empowerment, empathy and respect

Here’s what past participants had to say about the Champion for Mental Wellness program:

“Ann-Marie Flinn did an excellent job of culling her slides to get to the golden nuggets. Her information was accurate, succinct and well explained. Her pacing created a sense of calm too, as she presented in such a nice manner. Respectful of the audience’s ability to stay with her. A nice blend of practical applications that could produce good outcomes for self and fellow employees were given. This was a very solid presentation. Thank you to Wellness Works and to Ann-Marie for this fine session.” ~ Webinar participant

“Thank you for creating this session. Timely, for sure!” ~ Webinar participant

“I attended Ann-Marie’s recent webinar titled, Champion for Mental Wellness and found it to be honest and impactful. The information shared was useful and her take-aways and activities were accessible. I think this topic is extremely important and that this is a conversation we need to be having much more frequently. I highly recommend employers bring Ann-Marie into their organizations to share these learnings.” ~Webinar participant


You will feel more equipped to Increase engagement, trust and resilience in your workplace

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