Are you a Perfectionist?

What are the signs?

How do I know if I’m a perfectionist? 

I was recently asked by some folks “How do I know if I’m a perfectionist?”  and, “How can I spot a perfectionist?”

Being a recovering perfectionist myself – and researching this topic for decades – the short answer is:  it’s someone who’s hooked on things being difficult.

If you’re not personally a perfectionist chances are there is someone in your life that is.   

You may have been bitten by the perfectionistic virus, even if you’re not naturally a perfectionist yourself.

Many of us are inundated with perfectionist expectations.    


Here are some examples:

  • We always have to be “working hard” or “busy”.
  • Quitting is for losers and anything less than A++ is “failure”.
  • We set all kinds of ambitious goals for ourselves and not be happy even if we’ve reached them
  • We don’t “measure up” to what we see on social media
  • If it’s too simple we discount it as an achievement
  • We can’t remember the last time we truly felt like ourselves.


Sound familiar?

Embracing your imperfections can feel like a wild mindset shift that may require you to break from how you’ve done things in the past.  It could set an entirely new course for your future as an authentic person that is thriving vs just surviving.

It might feel weird to consider self-care, relaxation, taking a break, or loosening the reins as a strategy for happiness.  What I can tell you is that, this mindset is the secret sauce that the worlds top athletes, leaders and trail blazers apply to sustain exceptional long-term success.  I call it “Intentional Recovery”.  

Today, ask yourself:

  • Am I a perfectionist or living in a perfectionistic environment?
  • Could I be just a little kinder and more compassionate with myself today?
  • Do I need a little extra recovery for self-care today? 
  • Take the 2 minute mindset quiz to get more clarity around perfectionism   


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