Creating psychological safety and trust in the workplace

The #1 attribute to a well-run organization is trust and respect  

A workplace where employees are respectful and considerate in their interactions with one another, as well as with customers, clients and the public, results in:

Greater job satisfaction

Greater perceptions of fairness

A more positive attitude

An increase feeling of psychological safety

Improved morale

Better teamwork and management-staff relations

Reduction in sick leave and turnover

In order to build a positive team culture, leaders, and managers of others must build the core trust within your organization.

In our ground-breaking program, Culture Champion, we help organizations optimize the foundation of trust.

In this powerful 1 day program, you will:

Shift from Victim mindset to Creator mindset

Pivot from the role of Rescuer to an Empowered Leader

Reduce the Blame Game and rise to Powerful Cheerleader/Motivator

Eliminate Unhealthy Culture and build a Productive and High Performance Culture

Understand the Coping Skills that build resilience to the impact of intense stress.

Understand Mental Health 101


By optimizing trust, respect and civility within your organization you can foster the psychological and social skills needed to position your organization for retaining top talent and reducing health care costs. 

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