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Do you want mental, physical and emotional wellness to be a perk or a benefit?

Perks are changing and transient while benefits tend to persist. If you want wellness to be a benefit, prepare to integrate a strategy into your culture.  When wellness is a benefit it has a purpose and strategy behind it.

At Champion Change Agency we work with key stake holders to create a strong, long term strategy of positive culture and wellness within the organization.

A strong culture that embraces wellness, also optimizes energy and performance. That is why we customize programs with the client in mind.  When making the decision to invest in culture and wellness consider the cost of doing nothing.

Most companies have found that having a good wellness program will produce a positive ROI and quickly become an important business strategy.

Organizations with a workplace wellness strategy are considered by employees and other stake holders as:  

2.5 x more likely to be a best performer

3 x more likely to be productive

 8 x more likely to be engaged in their jobs and company goals

 3.5 x more likely to encourage employee creativity and innovation

 4 x less likely to lose talent within the next year

When your culture is strong, and your employees feel mentally, physically and emotionally energized, your organization becomes more agile to react and adapt to industry changes.

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