Having Ta-Da Moments

Learning to embrace mistakes


I remember the days (many moons ago) of being a competitive figure skater, practicing my spins and jumps over and over and over again.  One year, as was I practicing for a regional competition and a challenging new routine, I spent way more time on my butt than on my feet.  At times I would get so frustrated that all I wanted to do was quit!  Thankfully, I had an amazing coach that, whenever I stumbled, fell or felt frustrated would simply look at me, hold his hands way up in the air and yell “TA-DAAAAA!!!!  It was my prompt to continue to smile, get back on my skates, refocus and keep going.  Over time as I continued to practice, I was falling less, smiling more and embracing the challenge of my “best-in- class” winning routine.  As my coach would say: I would continue to “show up”.

Over the years, I’ve had the pleasure of working with executives, athletes and entrepreneurs who had the desire to “show up” in whatever was passionate for them.  They too would metaphorically stumble, fall and feel like quitting when things got difficult.  It was times like this where we would work on discovering their inner critic, their super hero and how to dial things up or down with intentional baby steps.  We would visualize seeing those set-backs and the challenge of striving for what was important to them as “Ta-Da” moments.  

Wouldn’t it be great if you could take a “Ta-Da” moment when you have stumbled, screwed up or made a mistake?  That’s the mindset around Refocus to show up.  

It is possible that you could say to yourself in those moments: “Ta-Daaaa! – I get to take a moment to refocus and start again” and “what did I get to learn from this?”.

Embracing the idea of refocus to show up gives you permission to be Perfectly Imperfect with your actions and attempts for moving forward with what you’re aiming for. 

 If you catch yourself being judgmental, saying something harsh, and/or beating yourself up, just know that you get to practice saying: “Ta Da!” 

As I often say, the work of shifting if your mindset is  not easy.  So, give yourself some self-compassion.  Rome wasn’t built in a day and creating the new mindset of Perfect Imperfection takes time as well.  YOU GOT THIS!!

In my Perfect Imperfection Program participants will: 

1.    Receive useful insights and mental tools to help minimize the stress of being perfect 
2.    Create awareness and curiosity of their present mindset
3.    Increase awareness of how fear can show up as perfectionism
4.    Discover how to reframe words that get us stuck in the trap of perfectionism
5.    Bring normalcy to perfect imperfection, reminding you that you’re not alone

And so much more! Take the 2 minute mindset quiz to see where you land with your wellness and self-care.

Make this your year to Refocus and Show up as the Champion that you are!

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